Meet the Team

Rob Tompkins – Owner


Is the owner of TEDs Centre with wife Shelley Palik. Rob has been diving for over 40 years in many different environments and capacities. He started diving in Victoria, BC. back in the early 1970′s as a show diver for the Undersea Gardens. It was not uncommon to find him and his fellow divers at the Gardens experimenting with “Dry Suits” off the docks at the Inner Harbour. Running full out along the dock with the suit fully inflated, looking much like the Michelen Man and jumping into the water from the top of the docks was a favorite past time between shows. Rob also spent time as a commercial diver in Victoria and Tofino. Many years past before he decided to become a dive instructor with PADI and followed his dream to Utila, Honduras. Rob has ventured into the world of technical diving and specialty instructor in a number of areas.

Specialty Instructor Ratings:

Digital Underwater Photography, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Equipment Specialist, Underwater Naturalist, Enriched Air, Search and Recovery, Wreck Instructor, Tec Rec Gas Blender, EFR Instructor and Project Aware.

Distinctive Instructor Rating:

Sidemount Beautiful Oceans Instructor – Coral Reef Conservation and Formation. Captain’s Ratings: Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Navigation ISPA certifications.

Shelley Palik – Owner


Shelley is co-owner of TEDs centre with husband Rob. She is an avid swimmer and snorkeler and has travelled extensively throughout the world visiting many exotic locations. She is also a personal development coach and when Rob said “if you can make peoples dreams come true….can you do that for me.” The next thing that happens is she ends up owning a 5 Star IDC and retail establishment in North Vancouver, now called TED centre…

Travis Stewart – Dive Centre Manager

Dive Centre Manager

Travis first splashed into the Pacific Ocean at a young age curios of the world underneath. Being an avid enthusiast of all marine life and the life of the Pacific Northwest, his first dive was at Whytecliff park in the snow. The moment he descended into the ocean his world opened up and changed. After travelling to various locations around the globe over the last 5 years and training through various dive agencies he has finally hung his Diving helmet here in the waters of the Georgia straight. With his continuing passion involving all forms of recreational and commercial diving he has taken up his new station at the TED diving centre with vigor. He asks everyone to remember to push forward at everything you do and that enthusiasm is key!

Instructor Ratings:

HSE Surface supplied top up commercial diver, PADI IDC staff Instructor, PADI Specialty Instructor ratings for Night, Wreck, Sidemount, Deep, Nitrox, Underwater Naturalist, peak performance buoyancy, Search and recovery, Boat Diver, Drysuit, O2 providor. Emergency first response Instructor, Dsat gas blender, Kirby Morgan helmet operator RYA powerboat level II.